About Fen’s Birthday.
surrealsadi asked askgarebear:

What do you plan to do for Fen’s birthday? After all, it is Valentine’s Day….

This should come as no surprise… there’s cooking involved.

Here’s the thing… Fen told me he’s never been big on birthdays.

And he’s even less big on Valentine’s Day.

So… that being said… keeping it low-key, I’m going to make him breakfast in bed.

Yup. The plan is to just stay in bed. Together. All day. With breakfast.

We’re both big fans of bed.

And the things that, you know, two people… do in bed when… when they stay in bed together all day, and—

But, uh, I was… talking about… breakfast, right?



Clotted cream and jam and nothing overtly Valentine’s Day about it— and fruit.

Oh, god… the fruit!

A Fen thing I’ve only recently discovered…. he eats a lot of fruit. Like…  if left to his own devices, he more or less eats just fruit. If I buy fruit, it’s gone before I get around to eating any of it myself. His immune system is bulletproof as a result. He’s a fruit eating machine.

He just… the man loves fruit.

So… in that breakfast, I can assure you there is going to be a shocking amount of fruit. Shocking.

And I’m going to have to figure out a way of hiding it from him so he doesn’t eat it all beforehand.

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