No Fen’s Allowed.

Hi, G. Not to pry or anything, but I’m wondering what you got Fen for Christmas this year. (I promise I won’t tell.)

Hi! How are you?

Now, see, I have (occasionally) been on this website for, like, a year and have learned some tricks. I can reblog as text like the best of them. I can track tags. I even have a black-list (…that maybe took me a good amount of time to figure out, but in the long run it was totally worth it). All in all though, the Insert “Read More” Break is one of my favorites.

I’m going to put it into effect. And that’s going to be my best line of defense in keeping said gift secret while still dutifully answering this question.

Here we go.

So secret. It’s like the fortress of solitude in here.

Okay, so, I got him shoes and I made him a beanie.

I also bought him socks. Like, lots of socks. When he came to me, he came with a very limited wardrobe of actually warm socks. And I was shocked, shocked, to discover that the otherwise very put together Mr. Aucoin kept socks long after they’d gone holey. In the heels and in the toes.

And he gets cold feet. And he hates cold feet. So, I mean, now that we’re pretty sure this is a thing and it’s not scarily domestic for me to do so, I bought him ten pairs of ski-socks. Because I’ve found that they really are the warmest.

Anyway, I got him Fryes. These:

Look at that! I can even put pictures in my posts! I have entered the modern age.

Also, I’m thinking that those are going to look pretty damn dapper.

Oh, yeah, the beanie is charcoal grey. Just a standard beanie. Nothing to write home about but all the same made with love on my breaks at work. 

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